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Monday, 1 March 2010

Most recent update: You're Beautiful, make up and Twitter!

Hey girlies!

Thank you for reading! Hehe!~

So recently with school i have been really motivated to do all my school work because as a reward i treat myself to watching the drama 'Youre Beautiful'! Unfortunately i have almost finished it now... =( I dont ever want it t
o end! Im praying there is a Season two!! ^__^

If you haven't seen this drama yet i DEFINITELY recommend you watch it! n_n Trust me, its not to be missed! I am in love with it! <3

So its basically about these guys, and girl:

From left to right: Kang Shin Woo, Hyung Tae Kyung, Go Mi Nam (girl), Jeremy.

Its about the girl (Go Mi Nyu) pretending to be her brother (because he is in hospital) and entering the band Ajell. She is only there for a limited time however, until her brother can join. Sorry i cant explain it well!

Aren't they so good looking? The guys i mean, i am soo for Shin Woo! I must say i loved all the guys in this, but Shin Woo is my favourite.. <3 Why does it have to be the good guys that treat the girl so nicely that get turned away... It makes me feel so sad...
But this story has endless excitement, twists, turns and love. It will make you addicted to it completely!

If you've seen it, what do you think? =) And whos your favourite character?

I'm thinking when i finish this drama im going to miss it too much... Does any one have an recommendations of more amazing dramas similar to this one or Hana Yori Dango? (Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers) These two dramas are my all time favourites...

~ ~ ~

I'm thinking because i almost have 20 followers that i might have a mini giveaway just to say thank you! ^_^ What do you think? It will only be mini, like some little cute things to give away, but im just so appreciative, i dont know how to repay you all!

Also, on Youtube im thinking of having a contest if i reach 500 subbies, i already have an idea for the prize too ^_^ Hehe!~

~ ~ ~

I now have Twitter ^_^ that i actually use hehe!
I update regularly!


~ ~ ~

I hope to do another make up tutorial on Youtube soon as i seem to be lacking them these days!
I have so many requests to get through! ^_^ But i love requests hehe!

~ ~ ~

I also have a new favourite product!!

Its Max Factor Masterpiece
High Definition Mascara:

it is simply AMAZING for natural looking eyes. You know me right? I'm a 'natural' make up person, so i love my subtle looks! This mascara is perfect!! The brush is not really a brush, it is like little soft plastic 'spikes' (haha!~ XD) so this mascara does not clump at all! Even if you try its impossible to make your lashes clump and thats why i love it so much! It applies the mascara evenly creating subtle, natural looking lashes. Amazing!

Each one of these is worth around £8-£10, and i got 4 from ebay for £7.50! I feel so lucky!! n_n A very good deal! Hehe!~

So yeah, thats my update for now! Might just watch another episode of You're Beautiful before sleeping ;) hehe!

Take care every one!
And again, thank you for taking your time to read my blog, it means a lot! ^_^
o(^_^)o *hugs!*
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  1. now we're both under the you're beautiful fever! i love kang shin woo the most too! first it was jeremy, but after a couple of episodes, i fell madly in love with shin woo♥

    i am in need of a new mascara, i might try this one out if i find it here in the phil. ^^

    lovely post

  2. Hi Alice!:) I am so sorry my late comment, but I fell asleep yesterday. I think I saw one episode "You're beautiful". It was little strange, but funny, hehe;). What I said I really like "Nana" anime;). I know what You feel. I miss drama/shows/series when it's finished, so I seldom watch these.
    You have 20 followers:). Giveaway is a great idea, but I don't have lucky with randomly select, hehe;). I don't mind;). I think it will be fun to enter:). Contest would be great too!:)Only 16 subscribers to 500!:) Congratulation!:)I remember when You had almost 100, now almost 500!:)
    This mascara sounds great!:)It must be very good:). You are lucky!:)
    Lots Of Love and more!:)

  3. Hi Alice,
    This website shows another great idea to make your own creative unique nail art

    I haven't tried it myself
    but I want to
    sounds kind of hard, as I am very clumsy
    I hope that ur doing well.
    College is hard, too much homework
    xoxo Ye ^-^