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Sunday, 27 November 2011

New Lenses, New Shoes, Trip To London & Uni Life! (Pic Heavy!)

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well! Its been a little while! I say that every time.. *Fail!*

Recently, I've spent soo much money! I'm supposed to be saving for Japan but.. When i find something cute i like i just have to buy it.. BUT! I am happy with each and every one of my purchases so at least thats alright! ^ ^

So one of my first purchases! That i already posted on my Facebook wall.. But i wanna share how awesome these lenses are!! These lenses i purchased from Honeycolour I find that this website sells lenses a fraction cheaper than any other lens sites! So its worth checking it out!
They are the Candy Brown Lenses.. Cost me around £20 with shipping etc..


And they even supply a free cute lens case though which is nice!

Look how pretty they are! but they look even better when they are in!


My big eyes =)

As my eyes are naturally blue, i was suddenly curious as to how my eyes would look brown! I'm loving the Brown eyes and blonde hair look at the moment! I think its quite a unique style as there aren't any/many people with naturally brown eyes and blonde hair..!

Do you think it suits me? =)


More things i bought! Shoes!! My No.1 love~ I never used to like shoes so much, i guess its just because i like to really range my outfits and fashion style a bit more! ^ ^

Take a look at these beauties..

They are like the cutest ankle boots ever!! I couldn't say no when i saw these, they are pink, with Pom-Poms and fluffy! ^ ^ Seriously, what could get better than that? I bought them off Ebay for £30, the quality is actually really really good.. And they can also be worn with the fluff folded up as regular boots..

This picture is of a different colour, i have the pink ones! But ts just so you get an idea of how they look!

No matter where i go (except for work) i always wear heals, in fact, i have about 25 pairs of shoes, and only 3 pairs are flats! XD haha~! I wear heals every where, many of them are kitty heals though, i just find they make you feel a lot more elegant and i find them more comfortable to walk in!

I bought these healed converse shoes too..

Now i know they are not every ones taste.. But i LOVE them!! They are so comfortable, and because they are a cream colour, they match with everything and give any outfit a really casual and comfortable look! They were only £10 from Ebay, couldn't say no.. Surprisingly amazing quality too!!



I've been sooo over loaded with Uni work! I swear uni work will be the end of me.. I spend every day studying, i even study while i do my make up and in my lunch hour at work.. *Sigh* Life is tough!! But its gotta be done!

I've also found im drinking an unhealthy amount of Tea.. I mean i LOVE tea anyway.. But, my gosh, im back and forward between my room and the kettle like a yo-yo.. I've never known myself to be like it before! But it helps me concentrate i suppose..


So! Last weekend, becuase i have so much work to do, i am definitely missing my family more this year than last. I'm 4 hours away from home by train, but its just so far and i cant afford the time off studying to visit home or miss work.. BUT! To compensate, my two sisters came to visit me instead! They came down on Saturday morning, and we went to London to do some Christmas shopping! (Its about 1 hour by train so its awesome!!)

My older sister, Rosie (22) and I on the train~

My younger sister, Abi (16) and I on the train~ I know what you're thinking! "She's not 16?!" I know, everyone says that.. XD

We went shopping in so many places!! (We are very close sisters, and never fall out!) We went to Forever21 for a bimble.. That was nice because we all bought matching hats in different colours! ^_^ They have a bow on! *Excited!*

Look how decorated all the department stores and streets are!!

That's Regent Street! ^ ^
I think Christmas came waaaay~ too early this year, shops started putting decorations up not even half way through November! I'm not being a scrooge, but i think the beginning of December is when Christmas should begin, don't you agree? =)

I just, had to.. XD

The obligatory photo at Piccadilly Circus! ^_^

Later on in the day, we explored China town and did plan to go for a lovely Chinese meal, but the restaurants were queued out the door~ So we decided to give it a miss and i suddenly remembered... PURIKURA! There is a Purikura store in China Town, so i took my sisters to have a go as they had never tried it before!

Here are some of the photos we had taken:

I love my sisters soo much!!

After a very long and tiring 8 hours on our feet shopping for Christmas presents, we headed back to Oxford and had a gorgeous Italian meal, then headed to a hotel for the night! ^_^
It was a lovely change and rest from doing Uni work!


Phew! So i guess thats all iIe got to say for now! But i hope you enjoyed reading!
Thank you so everyone who takes the time to do so! *Big hugs for you!*

Take care my lovelies,
Much Love,