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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hello everyone!

So i dont know about you... But i know i have a really bad phobia, i think its called 'Glossophobia' which means you have the fear of public speaking. I know for a fact i have this!!

I have a presentation which is coming up faster than i can imagine and i am not prepared at all! Ok so its next friday, however i haven't even made the presentation yet because every time i sit at the computer and get motivated to do it i just want to cry because of how scared i am of doing this presentation! T-T

I know so many people are scared of standing in front of people and talking, but there are going to be so many people there, and i am not a confident person when it comes to talking in front of people... I know that might sound a bit strange because i am on Youtube so i can't possibly be shy, but talking to a camera is a lot easier than having all eyes staring at you expecting a good presentation... Oh my god i am so scared guys!! T-T
Does any one have any advice how i can conquer my fear of this?? Has any one ever been in this situation?

The presentation has to be around 15- 30 minutes, thats one hell of a long one! Its about a topic which i chose, so i guess im confident in that respect. Its actually about Japanese schooling and the reason for underachievement. I had to write a 6000 word essay on it and now this... -_-;

I hope maybe you guys could give me some words of wisdom! ^_^

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Also as for the giveaway on my blog for all my lovely followers, i am just waiting for the giveaway prizes to arrive as i had to order them =)

I hope every one is having a wonderful week, unlike me full of panic and fear for next week!
I am also getting my grades tomorrow for the January exams i did... Im so nervous!! >.<

Much Love everyone!


  1. aww good luck wiv ur presentation alicechan!! =3
    i had d same-ish problem! nt a phobia phobia bt js super nervous 2 speak in frnt of other ppl!! my heart used 2 go on hyper-mode n my voice used 2 LITERALLY shake! then i js took a huge risk by takin part in a public speaking contest!! =O
    n came third! =) face ur fears bubz! <3

  2. I am sure Your presentation will be great! Remember You aren't the only one who has fear of public speaking. If You don't know Kristen Stewart (Twilight:Bella) is shy too. She said that she don't like speak to many people. Just think about something what You like and with every second You are closer to finish. I know You do all well. Good luck!:)
    Some websites:




    Maybe You will find something there:).
    The prizes are awesome!:) You know that;). I wrote to You about that:).
    Everything will be great! Don't worry!:)

  3. Dont stress sweety, cos it aint doing u no good anyway... Just be confident and speak up, dont worry about what others think... they will only bitch if they are jealous... so chin up, smile and u will be fine.

    I dont have a fear of public speaking... but I do have a pobia against bees... I literally freeze and my heart goes over drive... sometimes I faint!

    Oh by the way... I LOVE THAT BRACELET... Its uber cute and its soOooO.... AWE!!! >.< Love it Love it...
    did u make it?
    can u please make me one? :)

    mwah** best wishes on the speech... let me know how u go on my page! mwah**

  4. The trick to not being nervous when speaking in front of people is to practice. Also, when looking at people, don't look at their eyes... You look at their forehead near the hairline... so you're not looking at their eyes, but you're focusing on something not too far away from them. Not sure if that makes sense.

    I have a phobia of dying in an airplane crash into the ocean.. Not sure what to call that.. haha.. I also have a phobia of dolls/dummies.... O.o

    ~Sherr Bear ^_^