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Monday, 22 February 2010

Back To School...

Hello every one!

So i've just had half term which is a week long holiday (for those who live out side of the UK) and it was so lovely to be able to rest and have a lovely chilling week to spend with my family and catch up with all the shopping and fun i miss out on when im busy studying at school! And i actually do study at school, quite hard because i like to get everything done at school then i can and come home to relax after a hard days work with a nice hot cut of tea and biscuits or cake (what a treat! ^_^)!! hehe!

The first day back wasn't too bad, but it will be so much more exciting when i get to uni, i am really disliking A Levels! Do any of you guys do A Levels? If you do let me know how you find it! >.< It is so hard, im struggling through but I know to achieve my dream i have to go through these hard moments, and its all for the good of my future so thats what motivates me to work hard at school. =)

It was snowing again this weekend, and i had to walk through it to get to work this past weekend! I am really fed up of the cold weather these days! English winters are severely cold and for a very long time too! I am really REALLY looking forward to spring when it becomes warm again!! ^_^


Ok, something so random i know, but i really love the song 'Koe wo kikasete' and i have for a while now, but i find it is a very uplifting song and it always puts a smile on my face when im feeling down =) Same as all you guys who take the time to read and comment on my blog or youtube, it really means a lot to me! I love you girlies! <3 n_n
Dont you just love Big Bang? =P


I also have a new make up look i've been loving! ^___^ When i get round to it i will make a video about it on Youtube, its a really natural and flawless look and i think its perfect for everyone!! Especially those people who dont really need or like to wear make up much. It really enhances your naturally beautiful features, and gives your face a realy gorgeous glow! n_n


I just want to thank every one so much who has read this! You have no idea how much it means to me that you take your tiime to do so becuase i never thought any one would be interested in anything i have to say.
Between my sisters i am the completely odd one out! So my two sisters (older and younger) are really close and are interested in the same things where as me, i am in to so many different things to i find it nice just to express my feelings and interests through my Youtube videos and blog. =)

Thank you girls! Your all so wonderful!

So thats my little chat today, just a catch up really as i've been pretty busy recently! I hope to be uploading some pictures next time, i know a big block of text looks really bad and totally unmotivates you to read! I apologise! >.<

Take care every one and enjoy the rest of your week!
Much Love,


  1. Hello Alice!:)
    Your post don't unmotivates me to read;). I read every word;). Yay, everyone loves free time;). I know You do everything great!:)Good luck with Your school!:) I am sure You are the best!:)Tea with cake *yummy* I am getting hungry now, hehe;). It's such delicious thought! We don't have something like "A-levels" here:). At the end of school we have to write 4 exams - math, polish, different language and one more science:). We also have to do presentation. It's very hard:). You can try five times, once a year. Then You go to university to learn what You want and a lot of the other things >.<. It's so frustrating! Are there snowing? Wow. Here snow melts. Here is too wet, hehe;). I can't wait for spring too. I miss the heat and sun.
    This song is good;). I almost know all words (not corectly!)from Your blog, hehe;).
    I can't wait to see Your new make-up. It must be awesome!:) Maybe it inspired me - You know that I seldom do makeup;). Naturally? Yes!:)
    Say "Hello" to Your sisters:).
    We love You too!:)
    PS. Probably it's the longest comment what I've ever wrote, hehe;).

  2. u are too nice and sweety girly :)