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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Giveaway For My Followers! ^_^

Hey my lovelies!! ^_^

I finally got the prizes for my mini giveaway im having on my blog for all of my followers! Its nothing much but i thought a few cute phone charms is always something nice n_n I love phone charms! I dont know about you guys!!

Its just a little thank you for all of you that like to read my blog, i really do appreciate your support so much! You are such amazing people!

So here are the phone charms!

I will also buy some Japanese sweeties for you!^_^ You can never have too many Japanese sweeties! Hehe!

Ok so to enter, here is what you have to do:

1. You must be a follower of my blog.
2. Post about this giveaway on your blog, twitter, facebook, youtube or anywhere and please specify where you posted about it in the comment wen you enter. (Leave a link to it.)
3. Answer this question: 'What is your most treasured memory?' (A big thank you to my lovely friend Olga for helping me to decide the questions! ^_^)

I will tell you my most treasured memory when it comes to announcing the winner =) There will only be one winner by the way! And the giveaway ends in two weeks from now: March 28th midnight!

I look forward to seeing your comments! n_n

~ ~ ~

By the way, as i said in my last blog i recieved my exam results for the January exams i took and i recieved really good grades so i am extremely happy about that!! XD I need them to achieve my dream for my future career! <3

Any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me a message through youtube if you have it! =)

So much love guys! <3

P.S: Oh and a big BIG thanks to all you who commented on my last post about my fear of doing the presentation! Your kind words really helps me to do my best at the presentation! You have filled me with confidence, i cant thank you enough, you've really helped me! I will let you all know how it goes! ^_^


  1. awe! the panda charm is so cute... thanks for posting that comment on my page about "How I Feel" and "Cry" ... ur too sweet, and i cant believe u put out time to post a comment back, thanks heaps *^^*. My life is going over drive, Im trying to fast track it and its causing problems for the people around. Oh well what can u do?! but hey! things can only get better and if its not meant to be, then its not meant to be... everything happens for a reason eh?! and when one door closes, 2 more opens! *^^*

    -Im waiting on a phone call from Don Ed Hardy modelling for this years summer issue thingy.. (its for America, and i live in Australia) hope i got it... wish me luck!

    Im glad I helped u a lil with ur presentation nerves... GOOD LUCK! mwah** remember to be confident! Nothing can hold u down but urself! mwah** xoxoxo

  2. My most treasured memory occurred when I moved to California during high school to live with my dad & my brother. My dad had always been skeptical about me learning Wushu/Chinese Martial Arts, but during the year or two when my brother moved to Cali before I did, I trained every day to get my flexibility down & learn all that I could learn.

    I remembered when I first step foot in the Wushu school in Cali. My brother, my father, the coach at the school & all the unfamiliar people watched as I began warming up & doing jumps. After that, the coach asked me to do forms & every time I did something great, I remember seeing how happy my dad was ... saying "hao! (chinese for 'good')" & smiling. I had never seen my dad soo happy.

    I really miss him a lot, but that memory of him being sooo proud of me brought me the most joy in the world. :-)

    I think I'll post about your contest on my blog. I'll post another comment with the link later~

    ~Sherr Bear ^_^

  3. Here's the link to my blogger on your contest: http://peachqt.blogspot.com/2010/03/alicechan9-is-having-mini-giveaway-on.html

    Hope you don't mind that I used the picture in your blog... hehe

    ~Sherr Bear ^_^

  4. OMG the toys you're giving away are soooo kawaii!! I just have to enter this!!

    I'm a follower!

    I tweeted your giveaway ~~

    My most treasured memory ~~ oh this is an easy one for me hehe! On New Year's Eve, 12/31/08, we had a fancy group dinner on the San Francisco waterfront. My date was a guy who I had been friends with for 2 years, and we both started having romantic feelings for each other. Before everyone sat down for dinner, we were all standing around, chatting, and admiring the gorgeous night view. My date leaned in and we shared our first kis ^_^ It was just like the movies ~ it was like a total Cinderalla moment haha! We've been bf + gf ever since! Hehe writing this memory is putting a huge smile on my face ^_^ This was such a great idea for your contest!!

    Congrats on doing so well on your exam too!!


  5. bloged about your giveawy:)

    my most treasured memory was when i was on a school trip to the london eye and me and my friends were having fun walking bare foot on the grass the wind was blowing throw my hair. and we were joking with each other and having the best time. i was walking with my friends and i could see my crush so my friends left me alone so i could talk to him. i could see my cruch walking towards me so i tryed to make my self look popular so i started texting a friend but the i walked right into a lamp post next thing i knew my crush was help me up lol then later that day he asked me out.

  6. Hey Alice!
    Just moved in to my new house so I don't have internet service at moment, so I have to use my cruddy school's computer... I can't enter the YT giveaway b/c my school blocked YT =_=;;

    anyways, my most treasured memory is.. hmm.. well a lot, but the most clearest one to me right now was the last hang out with my friends in NYC.
    We went to take purikura pictures and ate some korean food, twas yummy and fun!
    This memory always seem to bring tears to my eyes because I really miss my friends so much... I look at the purikura pictures we took often.. :/

    I'll post the link on my blog right now~

    and I'll try to e-mail you soon!! :D

    love love love,

  7. http://twitter.com/VintageLex <-- Tweeted.

    What is your most treasured memory?

    My most treasure memories are the time when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I was living in Portugal and I had a huge family. Every summer would be filled with family gatherings, food, and parties.
    I will always cherish this time because that's the "official" end my typical childhood. Shortly after I was forced to grow up.

    In 1995, my family immigrated to the United States and I experienced a huge shock. There were no large family gathers, no parties, all of my beloved food was also gone! I quickly learned English and often translated for my parents.

  8. Oh my goodness, those phone charms are so CUTE! Hechan93 from YouTube here, by the way :) "Horea" is what I'm called by my friends when I'm at parties and such.. Uh, it's not a very nice word xD

    Anyway, my most treasured memory, huh? That's a tough one. I guess it must be the day when my best friend told me that he was gay. I really felt trusted that day, and that's a wonderful feeling. I know that he has had a hard time because of it, and he still have a hard time trusting other people by telling them this, but I am very happy that he told me this, because it kind of proves what great friendship we have. We've been best friends since we were 3 years old (confirmed by all of our parents xD), and that's kind of special, I believe, because he's a boy and I'm a girl :)

  9. my most treasured memory is giong to the czech republic with my grandmother. she had always told me from when i was little that we would go there someday and one day she came to my house and told me that we were going. i cried because i was so happy, it was the best trip of my life. it was just really special to be able to go to the place where my grandmother was born and share that with her.

    i posted a link to your blog on my twitter

    i love your videos! ^_^

  10. I blogged about your giveaway!!!


    great giveaway!! like always!

    I am currently one of your followers!

    My most treasured memory would probably have to be Valentine's day of 2008 when my husband came and got me from work and he had dinner ready and waiting and after dinner he ran a bubble bath for me with the entire bathroom lit by candle light and I soaked and soaked! then he rubbed my feet until I fell asleep ! 0o0o0oh man ! that was the greatest!!!!!! It gives me chills everytime i think of it! he is so wonderful ! and that would have to be my most treasured memory !!

    Good Luck Everyone!

  11. Hello Alice:). I don't have to enter, becouse I have my favorite phone charm;). You know which one;). My treasured memory... hmmm... I don't know which one it is, hehe;). I remember when I first time rode on horse. It was amazing. I felt freedom, wind in my hair... It was very exciting feeling;). I think You understand;).
    Lots Of Loooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeee! *infinity hugs*