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Friday, 6 May 2011

New Hair Cut, Fashon Magazine Scans

Hey Everyone!

Its been a while! I hope you have all been well! ^ ^

I think its time for a little update and chat about random things!

Firstly though, BIG shocker! (Not really =P) I've had my hair cut, yet again! Well, actually i've just sorta had it reshaped in to the style i had before, except i changed my fringe this time =) I wanted to get my hair cut for so long!! All my layers had grown out and it was getting flat and boring, all i could really do was curl it, and i've been curling my hair all winter! So it had to change!

Here is how my hair looked before:

And heres how it looks now!! Im so happy with this style!

Since a young age, i've always had a phobia of hairdressers because i had a bad experience with one before.. Years ago when i was quite young, i had shoulder length hair, and my parents took me to the hairdresser, and i told the hairdresser i only wanted the ends off and she ended cutting my hair in to a BOB!!
O.o So since then i never EVER had the courage to visit a hairdressers again... Until this week! =D Thank god my older sister was a hairdresser in the past! She always cuts my hair, however being at University its a bit more difficult, so i had no choice but to go to the hairdressers... I was rather reluctant to go to be honest, and i was scared of the result because my hair is one of my favourtie aspects (isnt it for most girls? ^_^) But i had to go as my hair was getting annoying! (The fact that it was boring and flat -_-) Sooo... I wanted to get it cut back in to the mullet style i had about a year ago now. A year!? Wow time flies... Have any of you guys have any bad experiences at a hairdressers and want to share? =)


I have been reading, or should i say looking, at a lot of Japanese magazines recently! For some reason my craving for shopping and getting ideas for fashion have been extra strong recently!! I think because Summer is almost here and so is the new fashion styles! ^ ^ Here are a few screen shots of the May edition of 'Popteen' Magazine!

Yes i love to read the odd Japanese magazine, they are full of inspiration for fashion styles, hair styles and make up!

A few super awesome hair styles:

And WOW check out these nails!! *_* Kawaiiii~~


I have an end of year ball coming up very soon, on the 21st of May to be exact! I'm so excited!! So i ordered a new dress! I really cant wait to recieve it! I ordered it from Yesstyle and because the postage to the UK is pretty expensive, i ordered a few other things as well! Yey!! =D So i will definitely do a haul/review when they arrive!

I also plan to do a Prom/Ball make up look soon seeing as i've been requested to and i think it would make a very elegant look!
Any other looks/tutorials/videos you would like to see? =)


One last thing i wanna ask you guys before i go, is if there is anything you wanna particularly see or read about in my blog? Any requests for what you would like to see/read? Im just curious! ^ ^

Well take care everyone! And i look forward to updating again soon!

Much Love!