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This is my personal blog in which I will share ideas, review makeup products, talk a bit about my personal life and just put down what I like when I feel like it! Kind of like a little diary I suppose!
So anyway I hope you enjoy reading what i have to say, and I really appreciate my followers! These people are special to me! I might even be having giveaways in the future for a bit of fun! n_n
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Monday, 29 March 2010

Giveaway Winners & Update!

Hey everyone!!

Hope you are all well!

The time has finally come to reveal the winners of my little blog giveaway! 8 of my lovely friends have entered and i have a winner! ^_^

I guess you dont want to wait so im not going to ramble! I just want to say thank you to you all for entering, i thought it was a bit of fun and so so lovely to hear some of your happiest moments! I hope it bought a smile to your faces when you were thinking about it! n_n There is nothing better than happiness! Its such a great feeling, so i hope you all felt it when entering this giveaway =) I feel like i got to know you all a bit more too!

Ok, so the winner is.....



Congratulations sweetheart!! ^_^ You are the winner of my blog giveaway!

Please email me so i can have your details and send you the prizes!

I managed to buy some Japanese sweeties so as well as the phone charms, you will recieve some sweets too n_n

Dont forget about my Youtube giveaway!! If you're thinking of entering then please do so asap! The closing date is 10th April. And just a reminder of the prizes:
~ Handmade Swarovski Crystal bracelet 'Inspired by you'. (Picture in the post below.)
~ Japanese sweeties! =)

Again, thank you to all you who support me and who entered the giveaway, i found this really fun!

~ ~ ~

So recently i have been really busy!! I have been sorting out all my emails from Youtube and its taken me all afternoon! Ahh!~~ But its really great to be in touch with so many people! ^_^

Being on Youtube is so fun! I know a few people have been deciding wether or not to make videos on Youtube, and in my opinion it is sooo much fun to meet so many people and enjoy posting videos. I've met so many lovely people there, im so grateful to have met you all! n_n

~ ~ ~

So i think Spring has finally arrived in England... Well there have been a few sunny days, but more so rain and coldness still... Ohh i really dislike English weather seriously T-T I love the sun and heat the most, i'm a summer girl! And I live in a country where both Spring and Summer seem to last only 3-4 months out of the twelve! If that... ~_~

I did do a Spring look inspired by all the lovely colours of spring though! ^_^ if you haven't seen it already you can see it in the sidebar!

~ ~ ~

I'm really happy to say all my accessories have arrived for my next make up look, i really can't want to create it and show you all so i hope you will enjoy it! I hope for it to be up sometime this week/next weekend. =)

~ ~ ~

I also bought a new dress recently which i absolutely LOVE! So i might do a video on 'going out' looks or outfits =) What do you think?

Oh, speaking of new things, i also have a new mobile phone ^_^ I love it! Some of you may recognise it from somewhere...

Yes, its a
Samsung Genio Touch! I love mobile phones... How sad of me... -_-; but i think they complete a persons style, thats why i had to have this baby! Its small and cute and it comes in PINK!! PInk! Wowiee!! ^___^
I saw it on the drama 'You're Beautiful' and fell in love with it so i had to have it...

Even 2PM are endorsed it! O.o

Wooooooow..!~~ I love 2PM ^_^ I love so many K-Pop groups...

~ ~ ~

Ok... One last thing, exams are approaching fast! Nooo! >.< So i have a lot of revision to do before then... I may be a little busy, but i will try not to let it affect my videos and things. =)

I also have to choose the university i want to go to now, all of them have replied to me and i have to choose which one i will go to out of my two favourites, its such a difficult choice... Because i love them both, but there are pros and cons for both... What do i do? T-T Any advice?

Hope all of you are doing well!
Take care and enjoy Spring to the fullest!
Much love for you all!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Giveaway For My Followers! ^_^

Hey my lovelies!! ^_^

I finally got the prizes for my mini giveaway im having on my blog for all of my followers! Its nothing much but i thought a few cute phone charms is always something nice n_n I love phone charms! I dont know about you guys!!

Its just a little thank you for all of you that like to read my blog, i really do appreciate your support so much! You are such amazing people!

So here are the phone charms!

I will also buy some Japanese sweeties for you!^_^ You can never have too many Japanese sweeties! Hehe!

Ok so to enter, here is what you have to do:

1. You must be a follower of my blog.
2. Post about this giveaway on your blog, twitter, facebook, youtube or anywhere and please specify where you posted about it in the comment wen you enter. (Leave a link to it.)
3. Answer this question: 'What is your most treasured memory?' (A big thank you to my lovely friend Olga for helping me to decide the questions! ^_^)

I will tell you my most treasured memory when it comes to announcing the winner =) There will only be one winner by the way! And the giveaway ends in two weeks from now: March 28th midnight!

I look forward to seeing your comments! n_n

~ ~ ~

By the way, as i said in my last blog i recieved my exam results for the January exams i took and i recieved really good grades so i am extremely happy about that!! XD I need them to achieve my dream for my future career! <3

Any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me a message through youtube if you have it! =)

So much love guys! <3

P.S: Oh and a big BIG thanks to all you who commented on my last post about my fear of doing the presentation! Your kind words really helps me to do my best at the presentation! You have filled me with confidence, i cant thank you enough, you've really helped me! I will let you all know how it goes! ^_^

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Hello everyone!

So i dont know about you... But i know i have a really bad phobia, i think its called 'Glossophobia' which means you have the fear of public speaking. I know for a fact i have this!!

I have a presentation which is coming up faster than i can imagine and i am not prepared at all! Ok so its next friday, however i haven't even made the presentation yet because every time i sit at the computer and get motivated to do it i just want to cry because of how scared i am of doing this presentation! T-T

I know so many people are scared of standing in front of people and talking, but there are going to be so many people there, and i am not a confident person when it comes to talking in front of people... I know that might sound a bit strange because i am on Youtube so i can't possibly be shy, but talking to a camera is a lot easier than having all eyes staring at you expecting a good presentation... Oh my god i am so scared guys!! T-T
Does any one have any advice how i can conquer my fear of this?? Has any one ever been in this situation?

The presentation has to be around 15- 30 minutes, thats one hell of a long one! Its about a topic which i chose, so i guess im confident in that respect. Its actually about Japanese schooling and the reason for underachievement. I had to write a 6000 word essay on it and now this... -_-;

I hope maybe you guys could give me some words of wisdom! ^_^

~ ~ ~

On youtube i have posted my newest video which is my 500 subscribers giveaway!! (if its not there yet, it will be very soon!) And im so happy to have reacherd over 500 yey! So i hope you will check it out!!

Here are the prizes for you people who want a closer look!
The girls prize: Plus Japanese goodies! ^_^

The boys prize: Plus Japanese sweeties too!

~ ~ ~

Also as for the giveaway on my blog for all my lovely followers, i am just waiting for the giveaway prizes to arrive as i had to order them =)

I hope every one is having a wonderful week, unlike me full of panic and fear for next week!
I am also getting my grades tomorrow for the January exams i did... Im so nervous!! >.<

Much Love everyone!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Most recent update: You're Beautiful, make up and Twitter!

Hey girlies!

Thank you for reading! Hehe!~

So recently with school i have been really motivated to do all my school work because as a reward i treat myself to watching the drama 'Youre Beautiful'! Unfortunately i have almost finished it now... =( I dont ever want it t
o end! Im praying there is a Season two!! ^__^

If you haven't seen this drama yet i DEFINITELY recommend you watch it! n_n Trust me, its not to be missed! I am in love with it! <3

So its basically about these guys, and girl:

From left to right: Kang Shin Woo, Hyung Tae Kyung, Go Mi Nam (girl), Jeremy.

Its about the girl (Go Mi Nyu) pretending to be her brother (because he is in hospital) and entering the band Ajell. She is only there for a limited time however, until her brother can join. Sorry i cant explain it well!

Aren't they so good looking? The guys i mean, i am soo for Shin Woo! I must say i loved all the guys in this, but Shin Woo is my favourite.. <3 Why does it have to be the good guys that treat the girl so nicely that get turned away... It makes me feel so sad...
But this story has endless excitement, twists, turns and love. It will make you addicted to it completely!

If you've seen it, what do you think? =) And whos your favourite character?

I'm thinking when i finish this drama im going to miss it too much... Does any one have an recommendations of more amazing dramas similar to this one or Hana Yori Dango? (Japanese version of Boys Over Flowers) These two dramas are my all time favourites...

~ ~ ~

I'm thinking because i almost have 20 followers that i might have a mini giveaway just to say thank you! ^_^ What do you think? It will only be mini, like some little cute things to give away, but im just so appreciative, i dont know how to repay you all!

Also, on Youtube im thinking of having a contest if i reach 500 subbies, i already have an idea for the prize too ^_^ Hehe!~

~ ~ ~

I now have Twitter ^_^ that i actually use hehe!
I update regularly!


~ ~ ~

I hope to do another make up tutorial on Youtube soon as i seem to be lacking them these days!
I have so many requests to get through! ^_^ But i love requests hehe!

~ ~ ~

I also have a new favourite product!!

Its Max Factor Masterpiece
High Definition Mascara:

it is simply AMAZING for natural looking eyes. You know me right? I'm a 'natural' make up person, so i love my subtle looks! This mascara is perfect!! The brush is not really a brush, it is like little soft plastic 'spikes' (haha!~ XD) so this mascara does not clump at all! Even if you try its impossible to make your lashes clump and thats why i love it so much! It applies the mascara evenly creating subtle, natural looking lashes. Amazing!

Each one of these is worth around £8-£10, and i got 4 from ebay for £7.50! I feel so lucky!! n_n A very good deal! Hehe!~

So yeah, thats my update for now! Might just watch another episode of You're Beautiful before sleeping ;) hehe!

Take care every one!
And again, thank you for taking your time to read my blog, it means a lot! ^_^
o(^_^)o *hugs!*
Much Love,