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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hey everyone!

So a bit in to my personal life then! Something big for me has happened!


My braces are finally off! ^_^ Yey im so happy!! Just before Valentines Day =)

I had them since October 2008 so a year and 3 months! Its not that long i suppose compared to other people who had them on for longer. But im very thankful to be able to smile nicely again =D

Who ever is reading this, have you ever had braces? And how was your experience? I'd like to hear if anyone has had them! =)

I think it will be easier to talk in my Youtube videos now hehe!

~ ~ ~

Anyway, in other news! I've got round to uploading my Valentines Day make up tutorial video! I really need to get my jewelry for Valentines Day up! But I've been so busy recently! I have a lot of course work which i neglected whilst i was revising for January exams so now its come back to haunt me! >.<

The look is something like this: Its sweet, subtle (which is what guys prefer ;) ) and cute!

The winged liner creates that sophisticated look, gives your eyes a bit more shape and makes it interesting. Its thin applied as close to my upper lash line as possible making it subtle.
Also, you cant see it well in the photo, but next to the eyeliner on my right eye (your right) is a little heart! This is optional for the look but it is really cute! n_n

If any one has Youtube and would like to show me their Valentines Day look for this year leave a comment! ^_^

~ ~ ~

I will also be quite busy this weekend as my boyfriend Kenny will be coming over to my small town and it will be so nice to see him again! When we live so far apart its such an experience to see each other again... <3 It seems like forever, he works full time and i have school so its sometimes difficult to find the time, but when we do its so lovely ^_^ even if it is only for a weekend =) Anything is better than nothing of course!! It will be Valentines Day soon! What do you all have planned? n_n

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and hope your all looking forward to Valentines Day!
Much Love,


  1. What shall I say?;) I know that I repeat, but this makeup is very lovely and nice!:)You look so beautiful!:)

  2. yay~ congrats on your braces being taken off!
    OMG, i'd rather have braces than retainers! because i always forget to put my retainers on~
    when i got my braces off, i felt like i missed the metal taste of it xDDD

    i hope you have a wonderful valentines day this year ;]

  3. @Olga: Thank you so much sweetie, your words always mean so much to me! ^_^

    @Aiko: Thank you Aiko! Im so happy they are off now, and iim just getting used to my retainers, they are wierd! >.<
    I dont think i miss my brace though! Hehe!

    I hope you have a lovely Valentines too!!