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Monday, 18 January 2010

Avatar Inspired Look!

So here is the Avatar Inspired Look i came up with!
What a great movie don't you think? I was amazed by the wonderful characters and Na'vi... They really are beautifully created! I was so inspired by how they looked that i wanted to do an inspired look! The story was so moving and by the end of the film, i didn't want to stop watching, i wanted to be a part of their beautiful world!

I hope you guys like this look! ^_^

I did have a few problems when making this video, im sorry its so short! I was in a bit of a rush, i have an exam on Friday and i'm trying to revise as much as i can for it!! So thats why you may find that the dark stripes bit is not included in the video; technical difficulties! >.<

Anyway, this picture shows the look quite well.
I used nothing but Costal Scents palette! I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette!! I got it not long ago... Its so pigmented and the colour comes out amazingly, and it lasts all day! I can see a review coming up soon! ^_^

Each Na'vi has unique facial features, including the white 'sparkles' and stripes. If any one does decide to try this out, feel free to experiment with the look! =)

So this is how it looked, i really enjoyed this creating this look! ^_^

*Sigh* so so amazing... n_n

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

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  1. hullo~! yayyy~ i'm you first commentor! x]

    this is honeypurin from youtube :D

    i really like this look because it's wearable. and it really is avatar inspired because each color has a significant meaning to the movie :D


  2. I love this makeup! It's so beautiful! I love the sparkly shadow on the eyes! It looks wonderful!

  3. absolutely gorgeous and magical, thank you very much :)

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