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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Its been too long! ...And mini Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
*Waves frantically!*

Wow its been way too long! I apologise for how long its been, but i recently checked my blog and saw i have 72 followers!! Thank you so much! To me, thats amazing!! I'm so happy, thank you! ^_^ So incase you guys didnt know, i am at University now, and loving my time here so much! I am studying Japanese finally! After many years of wanting to study it from when i was 11, i am finally learning what i am interested in and what i love! Are any of you guys at uni? =)
There is so much work at University, well, now i have so much to do! But even so, i want to keep updating my blog and Youtube as much as i can! ^ ^


You know how much of a k-pop lover i am, recently from a really kind friend who i love to pieces bought me JYJ's 1st album!! JYJ = <3

Their music is amazing, do any of you guys listen to k-pop or JYJ especially? Its such a shame DBSK broke up... But i will always keep the faith! I love them too much XD


I know it was a loooooong time ago now, at least, it feels like it was! But i want to show you guys how i did my eye make up for New Years Eve, i used glitter!! It was my first attempt with glitter, but i think it came out pretty well, I went to a party and thought i'd do my make up extra special! *^ ^*


I talk to a lot of people on Youtube and Facebook who are interested in K/J-Dramas. When i wasnt so busy at university a few weeks ago, i watched the all new famous Korean drama 'Secret Graden'! I think a majority of you have probably seen it already, but if you havent, i really recommend you watching it!! Its just out of this world, and i didnt want it to end!

Here is the link to watch it online:

Hyun Bin's acting in this is amazing!~~ <3


Anyway, on to the fun part! XD
To celebrate having so many wonderful followers, and because i said i would in my last ancient blog post, im going to have a mini giveaway! And i would like to have a few more of these in the future!

Here are the prizes, you may recognise the gems and flowers from my 'Hime Gyaru Nail Tutorial' on Youtube! Also, yes the necklace is the Boys Over Flowers one from the Korean drama, i know the drama is pretty old now, but its still such an amazing story and never gets old for me ^_^

How to win the prizes!

To see how well you know me, i'm going to ask you a question about me, and i will give you four answers to choose from! Only one will be right!
And if more than one person gets the answer right, i will number the winners and randomly select one from random generator.
You HAVE to be a FOLLOWER to enter!!

+ What is my dream career?

1) To become a make up artist
2) To become a film producer
3) To become a Jeweller
4) To become a Nurse

Only one answer is correct! So if you dont know, give it your best shot! ^_^
Good luck!

To see if you have won, check back to my blog within a week (March 8th) and i will have posted the winner! I will need to take your email address if you win, and also please make sure you have permission from your parents if you are 16 or under to tell me your address so i can send you the prizes.

Now i must go and do some reading for an essay! > <

Take care! <3
Alice ~x~


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  2. Gommenasai Alice Chan
    Can you delete my previous comment I made minutes ago
    I answered incorrectly in the previous comment
    I thought you were asking what "I wanted to be"
    hehe silly me
    I think your dream is to become a film producer for Japanese shows, animes
    You love Japanese Culture, Lolita fashion, Hime Gyaru, and kawaiiness
    That is why you're studying Japanese at University, to get started in reaching your dreams.
    I hope you will succeed in your dream!
    <3 Yen

  3. I think Alice-chan's dream career is to become a film producer ^u^

  4. Hey Alice!

    So happy to see another blog post! Just want to say I've been reading your blog and watching your videos for quite a while now, but actually decided to follow today haha.. Always looking forward to your next video =) they're so helpful, thank you for making them so enjoyable ^_^

    It's great to hear that you're finally able to learn Japanese at uni! I just started uni this week, so exhausting x.x

    Well anyway, thanks again for your lovely tutorials..can't wait for the next one.

    Oh and the answer to the question is 2) to become a film producer!

  5. 2) Film producer
    You said in one of your post that you want to end up in Japan in the film industrie. (Good luck! Hope you studies are going fine and that all your dreams will come true:)

  6. you should keep blogging alice, I really enjoy your channel and you are so gorgeous!! Feel free to check out my blog too^0^~