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Sunday, 8 August 2010

My Summer So Far...


Hey guys!

Wow its been a while again, gommenasai! >.< But i have had the most amazing summer ever and i wanted to share it with you guys! First off, as most of you know, i went to Turkey at the beginning of July, (my tan has faded, nooo! T-T) but it was absolutely amazing! Have any of you ever been to Turkey? If not i totally recommend you go, it is like heaven there!~ total bliss and the people are so friendly! Me and my friend visited a place called Icmeler, such a friendly and beautiful place! Here are soe piccies of what went on there: I have such good memories of the place now, i will never forget what an amazing time i had!


I also went to see JLS live with my sisters as i told you in the post before!~ They put on an awesome show, and as the first live concert i have ever seen i was pretty impressed!
Have any of you gever been to see a concert? If so, who was it? =)

You cant see them well, they are a group of 4 guys if any one doesnt know, here they are:

They are pretty cool, but you know me! Im more in to my K-Pop so they are not my favourtite band or anything, my younger sister is crazy about these guys though! n_n


I have been shopping soo much recently! Well actually i havent spent a penny, but for some reason my mum must be in a good mood or something but she took me shopping with my younger sister and bought a whole heap of clothes! ^o^ So much so i have no space in my wardrobe anymore! >.<

So recently something else i purchased, is a dress from the designer brand, Yumi!
Not only are they the cutest and amazingly quality clothing, they are a Japanese brand!~ ^___^ Ahh! Im in love!
But here in the UK, as Yumi is a designer brand its pretty expensive, it was totally lucky to come accross 'House Of Fraser' having a sale! I even bought a skirt as the price was soo good! Click HERE to go to the sale! Its still happening!

So here is the dress i bought:

It has got to be one of my favourite things i own ever! Its just so cute and lacey! n_n Who else loves Yumi?

If you probably noticed in the picture, i have had my fringe/bangs cut! If you havent seen my facebook then this is how it now looks:

I really like this look! Its very different to what i had as my fringe was side swept, but i really like this change ^_^ If it grows out i will have a side fringe again, i just hope i can have it cut often to keep it nice and short how it is in the picture =)
Its great to have a change sometimes!


Now, i am working full time to earn money and keep myself occupied during the summer holidays. Its pretty good as i work early in the morning until early afternoon so it still gives me time to myself, but i find myself so busy with so many things sometimes i cant believe how fast the day goes! I plan out what i am to do when i get home and i only have time to do one or two things! Its crazy how fast time flies!~

Im glad i finally had a chance to update my blog though! I have missed blogging! *_*

I will only be working until mid September as thats when Uni starts, when do you go back to school or college? Or are you already there? I dont know how schooling works in other countried, but i find other countries education policies so interesting! I dont know why...

Results on the 19th August! So close now... *Shudders at the thought*


So, i think thats about all i have to tell you! If you guys have any requests for videos feel free to let me know! Again, i just want to say thank you for all your support!~ I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

I have reached over 50 followers on my blog!^_^ I was so happy when i saw this!~ I will totally have to have a mini giveaway for all my lovely blog followers soon! Keep a look out for that!

Have an amazing week every one! And stay beautiful!
Much Love,


  1. Hi Alice!

    That dress you bought looks GORGEOUS on you! Wow. Those shoes are adorable too *_*

    I love that you are blogging. It's really lovely to read about your life, hehe. You must be really nervous and excited to start Uni! It's way better than high school :D wayyyy better! haha

    Have a wonderful night~

  2. Hey Sandi!

    Sorry for my late reply, i just wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment! You're so lovely!~

    Yes im very nervous and excited, but now i know i got in its more exciting! I cant wait to go! ^_^

    Take care!