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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mini Giveaway Winner =)

Hello again ^ ^
So its time to reveal the winner of the mini giveaway! I was amazed to see everyone get the answer right! O.o Wow you know me well! ^_^ So the entries numbered up:

1. Merlin season 4
2. Kawaiiberri92
3. Lauren
4. *C*

And the number the random generator picked is.....

(Ahh i accidentally added 5! Silly me!)

So congratulations 'Kawaiiberri92!' You won the prizes, can you please comment below with your email and i'll mail you as soon as possible!
((Dont worry about anyone seeing your email because i will make the comment private!))

Thank you to the others who entered!~ And im happy you know me so well! XD

I hope to update soon! Im thinking of shooting a couple of videos of my personal life, or a day in the life of university or something like that… What do you guys think? =)

Much Love! <3



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  2. Yes, I think that would be interesting to watch and get to know you, maybe a Vlog.
    Showing what you do in a normal day,or if you had an idea/ hobby that you wanted to show us
    <3 Yen

  3. You're so pretty!!! I just followed and subbed you on youtube after watching your swap video!

    If you're studying Japanese at your university, hopefully you can understand this.

    おうえんします! ^__^

  4. @Shirley: Hi there! Thank you so much! ^ ^ Your comment means a lot to me! =) Thank you for joining my YT page too!


  5. I love your videos ^ ^ and your blog too *wink
    btw, i followed you via GFC :)

    Nihonggo benkyu shiteru?!?! inaaaahhhhh :)