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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Hey everyone!

So a bit in to my personal life then! Something big for me has happened!


My braces are finally off! ^_^ Yey im so happy!! Just before Valentines Day =)

I had them since October 2008 so a year and 3 months! Its not that long i suppose compared to other people who had them on for longer. But im very thankful to be able to smile nicely again =D

Who ever is reading this, have you ever had braces? And how was your experience? I'd like to hear if anyone has had them! =)

I think it will be easier to talk in my Youtube videos now hehe!

~ ~ ~

Anyway, in other news! I've got round to uploading my Valentines Day make up tutorial video! I really need to get my jewelry for Valentines Day up! But I've been so busy recently! I have a lot of course work which i neglected whilst i was revising for January exams so now its come back to haunt me! >.<

The look is something like this: Its sweet, subtle (which is what guys prefer ;) ) and cute!

The winged liner creates that sophisticated look, gives your eyes a bit more shape and makes it interesting. Its thin applied as close to my upper lash line as possible making it subtle.
Also, you cant see it well in the photo, but next to the eyeliner on my right eye (your right) is a little heart! This is optional for the look but it is really cute! n_n

If any one has Youtube and would like to show me their Valentines Day look for this year leave a comment! ^_^

~ ~ ~

I will also be quite busy this weekend as my boyfriend Kenny will be coming over to my small town and it will be so nice to see him again! When we live so far apart its such an experience to see each other again... <3 It seems like forever, he works full time and i have school so its sometimes difficult to find the time, but when we do its so lovely ^_^ even if it is only for a weekend =) Anything is better than nothing of course!! It will be Valentines Day soon! What do you all have planned? n_n

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and hope your all looking forward to Valentines Day!
Much Love,

Friday, 22 January 2010

False Lash Effect Without Fake Lashes!

Hello girlies ^_^

So i have some products that i've really been loving recently, i will do a '10 favourite products' video on youtube but for now i just wanted to share these with you... =)

First is the false lash effect, which is what this post is really about, but i really love this product!

If you have never seen this before its Lash Extension Treatment by JICA.

What Is It?
~ JICA Lash Extension is a little bottle of lash fibres in which add length, thickness and beauty to your lashes.

This is what the fibres look like!

Its so good because not only does it do an amazing job, it lasts for a really long time! Well it does for me anyway becuase i only use it if im going out some where special and want big long lashes =)

How To Use:

~ Apply mascara and while its still wet, dab the fibres on to your lash to create fuller thicker lashes.

Heres a picture of how my lashes turned out after using it:

I have only applied it to my top lashes because i dont like my bottom lashes to be too thick =) But looking at my bottom lashes, as they only have mascara and no Lash Extentions, you can see the difference in how the Lash Extension Treatment works! Its so amazing and lasts all day! ^_^

It can be a little bit messy as some fibres come off on to your cheek as you apply it, but once applied, you can brush the loose fibres from your cheek and your ready to go!

Here is another picture:

I love how it still keeps the lashes looking elegant. You can apply as much or as little as you like! This way you dont need to buy new lashes all the time! It lasts such a long time and definitely a recommended product!

Where to buy:
~ JICA website here

Its so hard to come accross, i apologise! You may have to research it =)

~ ~ ~

The next product i've been loving is MAC foundation! I think you've all heard of it! =)

It gives you a really flawless look! It is liquid so applying it is really easy, i wanted to show you how it looks just incase you've never tried it!

So here is a picture wearing only MAC foundation!

I really love this foundation, but i admit it is quite expensive, i only use it on special occasions again when i want that really flawless look!

I think you can get it from the MAC homepage or even places like ebay or amazon!

Hope this is helpful and you have enjoyed reading! ^_^

Take care everyone!
With Love,

Monday, 18 January 2010

Avatar Inspired Look!

So here is the Avatar Inspired Look i came up with!
What a great movie don't you think? I was amazed by the wonderful characters and Na'vi... They really are beautifully created! I was so inspired by how they looked that i wanted to do an inspired look! The story was so moving and by the end of the film, i didn't want to stop watching, i wanted to be a part of their beautiful world!

I hope you guys like this look! ^_^

I did have a few problems when making this video, im sorry its so short! I was in a bit of a rush, i have an exam on Friday and i'm trying to revise as much as i can for it!! So thats why you may find that the dark stripes bit is not included in the video; technical difficulties! >.<

Anyway, this picture shows the look quite well.
I used nothing but Costal Scents palette! I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette!! I got it not long ago... Its so pigmented and the colour comes out amazingly, and it lasts all day! I can see a review coming up soon! ^_^

Each Na'vi has unique facial features, including the white 'sparkles' and stripes. If any one does decide to try this out, feel free to experiment with the look! =)

So this is how it looked, i really enjoyed this creating this look! ^_^

*Sigh* so so amazing... n_n

Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Much Love,


My First Post!

Hello =)

So this is my first blog post... I just wanted to say yey! I'm finally blogging properly! ^_^

Although i have a jewelry blog here, its not a private one which is what i want so i can just leave down my thoughts or anything that i've been doing recently.

Im not too sure how it is going to turn out... But i thought I'd give it a go =)

My Blog is still under construction so it doesn't look too glammed up just yet! But i hope to get more stuff on here soon, bear with me ^_^

So something different completely! I just want to say a BIG thank you to every one of my subscribers on YT! If you see this then this is for you guys, i really appreciate you all!

Anyway thats all for now,
Avatar Inspired Look coming up!

Much Love,