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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lots of new things!


Hello guys!

Long time no blogging! I got fed up of looking at the same blog page again and again so i decided to take some time out and do something about it!

So its been a while, and a lot has happened in these past few weeks! As i think every one knows, at the moment i am studying for my exams which is proving to be a bit of a difficulty, but im willing to achieve my dream in life so i know my exams are just one hurdle i need to get past in order to continue along my journey for my dream! Valentines Peep! Adopt your own peep from tiny-star.net! (Which is if you dont know, ending up in Japan one day with a career in the film industry as well as a lot of other little things...)
You're probably thinking im living in a fairy tale world, but i believe in always putting your best efforts in now, to reap the rewards later!


As for other little things that i've been up to! Recently i made a huge haul from an asian clothing website and bought lots of cute clothes!! ^__^

Here are a few of the items i bought... I think there were over 10 all together..!

I love this really cute dress! I know the picture is really bad quality, i apologise, u really need a new camera! >.<; But it has lace detail and if you dont know, this season im so in to lace, frills, bows and pink things!! Hehe! ^_^ This dress is a little more casual. But it can easily be dressed up with accessories and high heels!

Yey frills! ^_^ This makes this top so cute, and it has really nice detail to it which you probably cant see in the picture, but its so pretty and feminine!

This top is something a bit different, and i bought it especially for going on holiday to Turkey with my best friend from school! ^_^ We both thought it would be great just to wear over our bikinis (yes we both got one) and its really thin so it will be great to take on the boat trip we are planning on going on!

I really like this dress! I thought it was so lovely because i dont have that many purple clothes, its cute for summer and also its a dress by the make Yumi! I LOVE Yumi clothing so much! Its adorable! ♥

And the last thing im showing you guys is this little skirt, its pink and layerd!

I would totally love to buy something from LizLisa... Better get saving for some cute lolita clothes!

The website i bought these clothes from is here:


As well s buying clothes, something im really in to recently is nail art! I bought this little container with rhinestones in so cheapl6y from ebay, and they are brilliant! They come in so many colours!

Ok -_- so i have a really scratched and stained desk, i really need a new one!
Anyway, this is amazing becuase i got it from ebay, and this cute little design here


I love little simple things like this, its so girly! And i've never had nails to decorate so im finding it really fun creating little designs for my nails, i may have to do a video on this! ^_^ This little design has stayed on my nails for days if you use top coat to stick them on, amazing right?!


Also! I decided to decorate my phone! Ok, well i didnt decorate it, i kinda cheated and bought a case for my phone... But i think this is such a gorgeous case, i couldnt pass up the opportunity to have it!

What do you think? =)


One last thing then!

I ordered some more lovely handmade hair accessories from Tiffany and her shop 'Little Kawaii Things' Heres what i bought, but i forgot to add in my donut phone charm >.<

Bows!! Man i love them so much, so girly!! And not to mention the cutest things ever.. She was kind enough to send me the little green clip you can see in there, as she bought a pack of two she sent me one so we can have matching ones in our YouTube videos ^_^ Hehe! So sweet of her!
Hand made items are awesome, becuase you can see the love and care people put in to their products, especially Tiffany, i still have all of the other hair accessories i ordered from her before, her products are such good quality!!

I ordered this necklace from her too. A close up of the picture reveals the message in the bottle, its such a cute style, and you can even custom design everything she makes!

Truly adorable!

So i think thats about it for now! I hope every one is well, and please visit my facebook if you are not a follower already!
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Thank you, i really appreciate it! ^_^

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Much Love,


  1. Hello Alice!*hugs* Whats a HUGE, adorable post! ^_^ I wish You all luck! *sends all luck to Alice*
    How many cute things! Wow! I can't decide which one is the best. I've got nystagmus (hehe;)). You look well wearing everything. I am little envious, hehe;). All white clothes are feminine, ethereal and just perfect for Summer time! I love them! The gray one looks so comfortable and what I see it has three layers! Why don't You buy purple clothes? It's great for You, especially for Your blonde hair^_^. I love last one. A pink is definitely Your color! By the way, where did You take these pictures? It's Your mom's bedroom? Maybe Your sister? I am just curious, You don't have to answer;).
    This nail art looks so cute! This flower is amazing. It would be nice with Your purple dress:).
    Your phone must be shiny! This butterfly is so girly, cute and well done:).
    So many bows;). I know You love bows:). So sweet!^_^
    I saw this necklace "message in the bottle" and I think it's interesting idea:). I really like it!:)
    Lots of Love!
    *hugs warmly*

    PS. Your desk isn't that bad;).

  2. Cute blog! Love it and am following.
    And I am super-jealous of all the clothes (especially the purple dress, so cute!).
    I totally know(ish) how your feeling about exams. I haven't posted in ages myself and feel very guilty about it...
    Sylves xx

  3. I think your dream sounds AMAZING. And doing youtube videos now will definitely help you in the future so keep working on it dear Alice!
    All the clothes are so adorable! I have noticed for a while that your style is kind of sweet lolita! You definitely look awesome in sweet lolita clothing ^^!
    The case is cutee! I've been looking at other deisgns where they have crazy stuff like whipped cream and cupcakes on them and i really want to design a case of my own~ I think strapya world sells kits for designing cases, if your ever interested in designing one of your own, check out strapya world for the whipped cream! >.<
    I really like the bows! If your style is sweet lolita, you can't get enough of bows!! I was eyes that tiny green one you got for free because it was just so ADORABLE (green is my fave color, esp. in that shade!)

    In other news, crazy stuff is happening over here where I am. >.<; I really don't know what to do anymore with the situation Alice. sigh-

    Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful week! and good luck again on your exams~! I know for sure you'll do great on all the subjects! ^^ Jaiyo~!

  4. @ Olga: Wow look at your comment! Wowiee! Thank you for such a lovely reply to my post! ♥ *Hugs back!*
    Thank you! Im glad you think they all look nice hehe! They are all really comfortable too! I dont know why i dont really buy purple clothes, i do have two other garments that are purple so im not totally lacking ^_^

    Yes i took the pictures in our spare room, i love that room, its all pink! ♥
    Thanks again sweetie for all the nice comments and all the luck you send to me! n_n
    Much love for you too!

    @ Sylves: Thank you for following my blog! I really appreciate it! ^_^ I like your blogs too, so im not a follower of both hehe!~
    Aww thank you! Im happy you like all the clothes, sommetimes i feel like they wont suit me, especially seeing as they are Asian style, but i love the style too much to care! XD
    Ahh~ Are you doing exams at the moment too? Dont worry, im sure your followers understand how busy you are ^_^
    Thanks again sweetie! *Hugs!*

    @Aiko: Thank you Akio lovely! ♥ ^_^ Its something i dream to achieve, so i know i must work hard for it! Bless you Aiko! So sweet! Yeah i guess my style is kind of like that, but i didnt think it was quite s oextreme as lolita, but then i do like frills and lace hehe! XD
    Ahh yes i have been looking at Deco Den too! Infact i was so close to ordering a whole lot of stuff from here: http://dekoden.com/shop/frontpage_en.php But then i decided it would be easier and cheaper to just get the pretty sparkly case ^_^
    Aww thats sweet! I will remember thats your favourite colour! =)

    Ohh i really wsh we could chat through email.. I hope you are ok sweetie! Im a bit worried, i hope the crazy stuff isn't that crazy! T-T

    Thank you Aiko! I will do my best! Matane!~

  5. go for your dream alice don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve. oh alice your so cute i love all the clothes!! my fave is the first dress i just looked at that website bargin! i got a cute asian style rose lace dress i was so surprised to find something like that in my town i need to do a haul video showing all the the stuff i got. and i like the nail design i did somehting simular to that once i been doing nail designs recently because of cutepolish ! i love her nail tutorials im thinking of doing a nail tutorial.

    i love the phone case cute im thinking of decorating my own one so i can personalise it!