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Monday, 15 August 2011

My Experience In South Korea - Seoul! I wanna share it with you guys! (Picture Heavy!)

Hey everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I hope you enjoy reading about my experience in South Korea! I gotta say, i had THE TIME OF MY LIFE!

I never thought i would ever have the chance to go to East asia this early in my life, i was waiting to go to Japan September 2012 as its part of my Uni course! But its amazing, the people you meet whilst you are in University.. And i met my wonderful boyfriend who offered me to come to Korea during this summer, so i definitely took up the offer! ^_^ (he is Korean and his family live there so he goes back to visit every summer..)

So lets get straight on with the piccies!

My flight ticket! Yes i took a picture of EVERYTHING! XD

The flight was sooo long though! 11 hours was a long time to fill, so i just watched movies and attempted to sleep.. Hehe~!

This is me after i just arrived at Incheon airport! Excuse how rough i look after the long journey!
We (me and my boyfriend), headed to Seoul on a bus and i was feeling a bit snap happy on the way so i took loads of scenic shots!


So some of the things i did whilst i was there!


Of course whilst i was in Korea, i had to do LOADS of shopping! I wanted to buy as much as i could seeing as im not going back for a long time! And girls, it is like a shopping paradise out there!! SO many beautiful clothes at such a cheap price too! Shopping was definitely one of the highlights!

This building is 'Doota' in 'Dongdaemun'. Doota is a brand of cheap clothing, and Dongdaemun is a very popular place for Korean people and foreign travellers that want to go shopping! And you can see why!

Sooo many shoes! O.O

Many floors of beautiful clothes!

If you wanna see everything i bought whilst i was in Korea, watch my haul video below!

Speaking of shopping, there was a HUGE shopping mall just a 15 minute walk away from where we were staying, most days we came to eat here! its called COEX =)

This is a Hello Kitty shop inside Coex!


So other things we got up to then!

I have a Pen Pal in Korea who i have been writing to for over 3 years now, and going to Korea was a great opportunity to meet with her! Luckily she lives in Seoul so we arranged a day to meet! ^ ^

We did so many things that day! We visited a shopping centre in Wangsimni and did some shopping, ate some amazing ice cream, went for a meal, took sticker photos and much more!

Sticker pictures are so fun! And they are a great memory to keep! (I've blocked out the other girls faces for their privacy.) But we all had such a good day together!

Thank you Ram! You really showed me a lovely time in Seoul! And i hope to see you again in the near future! ^_^

On the same night, my boyfriend and i visited a club! Yes i do like a nice dance every now and then! =D The clubs are so big, decorated and set out really nicely with great music and so much space to dance!

Huge dance floor and a nicely lit seating area! They are such a good night out!


Just wanted to share a bit about the celebrity culture over there in Korea... Being a big fan of many kpop artists and celebrities, i had to take some photos!

Yey for JYJ!
Celebrities can be seen in every shopping centre, every street and even on buses and inside taxis! Their celebrity culture is massive over there.. There will always be a well known celeb endorsing products or on billboards somewhere! I was literally glues to the TV whenever i saw on because every program/advert would include a celebrity that i know! XD Haha~!


We also went to Caribbean Bay! YEEEEYYYY!

Ever since i saw many years ago, the music video of 2PM and SNSD endorsing Caribbean bay i always wanted to go! It was like a dream that i wanted to visit some time in my life, and i cant believe i have! im still overwhelmed now as to how its happened! But it really was one of the best days out!
The water park was huge! It took a good 15 - 20 minutes to walk from one side of the park to the other! There were so many slides, pools, a spa and even a water surfing area!

This is me in Caribbean Bay but i've blocked out my face because when i go swimming i always look terrible! So please understand my shyness! But atleast you can see a bit of Caribbean Bay in the background! We were queueing up for a slide ride at this point!

The map of the Bay!
This is definitely one waterpark you should visit before you die! XD Its got so much there to try!


We visited Seoul Tower too! This was such an amazing evening...

We took a cable car up to the tower, and saw such a beautiful view of Seoul lit up brightly at night as we went...

Once at the top, this is the view we saw! ^_^

There were little shops and places to stand to get a good view of the city at night. There was also this traditional Korean architecture that really interested me...

Beautiful! *_*

This is how the tower looked when we were at the top! All nicely lit up looking pretty!

We ate ice cream at the top, admired the view and took many photos! There was a Japanese couple that we met and i was able to practise a little of my Japanese language speaking to them! That was really fun!! ^_^

Before we left, my boyfriend surprised me with some jewellery which made me cry with happiness! I havent stopped wearing them, a pair of beautiful earrings and a matching necklace


At the weekend we travelled to the West coast of South Korea to visit the beach! Whilst we were there, we stayed in a pension which we rented out for a night! Here's how it looked from the outside..

It was lovely and big! But the are we stayed was so hot and humid! The weather was nice and sunny to which was great for the beach, but it also made it more tropical which bought out all the bugs! > < When we arrived at the room, we found a huge, and i mean HUGE! green grasshopper sat on the bed staring at us! I couldnt help but scream at the sight of it and we called the landlady to come and get rid of it! Scary moment..!

This was at the beach, the view was beautiful! And there were so many people around this time of year bathing in the sun and playing in the sea! ^ ^


During the last few days, we ventured a 3 hour journey to the BCJ Garden where Boys Over Flowers, You're Beautiful, City Hunter, and many more dramas have been filmed! The views here were beyond beautiful, it was breathtaking!
Photo spam~~!

If you've seen the K-drama You're Beautiful, do you recognise this place? =)

Speaking of Dramas, we also visited The restaurant 'Ando' aka: 'Heaven' in the drama 49 Days, Han Gang's restaurant! It was a beautifully furnished Itallian restaurant that looks exactly like it does on the drama! We ate a lovely cheese pizza with honey! Unique but yummy!


And if you've made it this far down my blog post...!

I dont know if you've tried it, but food in Korea food is quite famous! I've only ever tried Korean once before so i wasnt too sure what i expect when it came to food! I only knew it is famous for being spicy!

WOW! O.o I know right?
Soo much food, and for such a cheap price! (Just to warn you there will be a lot of food photo spamming because every meal i had was so unique! ^ ^) I cant even tell you whats in this dish.. Pork belly, kimchi and more meat and veg with sauces! It was so so delicious! And i already miss Korean food even after only being home for 3 days! XD

Here are a few more dishes i tried out whilst i was there!

Curry Udon Noodles!

Japanese Curry and Ramen!

Get ready for it... Pig intestine... O.o it was really gross.. But i tried it!

Hot Pot including kimchi, pork belly, sausage, spam and other yummy goodness! ^_^
LOL and the hungry Alice! This is my all time favourite Korea dish!

Ice Noodles

Another pork belly dish...

And sooo much more!


Wow this is a long post.. Apologies! But if you managed to get to the end, thank you so much for stopping by to ready about my experience in Korea!

I really did have the best 2 weeks of my life!! And its all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who invited me over there and was also a very good tour guide showing me a different spectacular place every day! I'm very grateful to him for such a great trip!

Unfortunately though it all had to come to an end some time.. So im spending the rest of my summer holidays working before i go back to university in September!
Im really looking forward to travelling to East Asia again in the near future..
Next stop, JAPAN!

Much love to you guys and girls! Alice


  1. Hi Alice!! This is Yen,
    Welcome back * (>^-^<)
    I am so happy to hear that u had a wonderful time in S. Korea~ <3 I wish I could go there too! You must've been happy dancing after seeing all the K-Pop stuff there, hehe =)

    I knew you would visit the "You're Beautiful" park, hehe (^v^) It's so beautiful!!

    I have good news,

    I have finally (~-~ )opened my handmade store:


    Please check out the items & let me know your thoughts about my creations & my shop.

    Let me know if you can review them, & I will email you the details (~-~ )

    I am still creating new items for my shop.
    If you have any other ideas of what I should create please let me know.

    Thanks so much for being supportive(-- --) towards me since I met you

    <3 Yen <3

  2. omg !! i wish i can go there ^__^

    alice !! when will u come to malaysia ? (^__^)/

  3. your so luckyyy i wish i could go to korea or more like i wish i could go n visit family in korea every summer lol

  4. ohhhhh so thats where u disappeared to! lucky ducky... looks like u had so much fun! i traveled asia in april/may for my bday, but i didnt stop in korea... regret!

  5. Thank you so much for reading you guys!

    @Yen~ Hehe! Yes i was definitely so so happy when i saw so many kpop merchandise and celebrities everywhere! Its just like a dream over there! 0=)

    @Miss Rainbow~ I hope that one day you will get to visit sweetie! Its such a wonderful place!
    I would love to visit all over the world if only it was possible! Hopefully one day!! ^_^

    @Kawaiiberry92~ Hey chicky! Lovely to hear from you! I hope you can visit Korea soon! ^ ^

    @Cassie~ Aww thats a shame you didnt stop in Korea, but im sure you had such a great time travelling in Asia! =)

  6. Hello my sweetie!:)
    It was so much fun to read about all the things you did in Korea. Pictures are also great! You didn't look tired after the journey. In The Garden you looked like a model, really! It had to be awesome adventure. This post is filled with positive energy, hehe;).
    All the best for you, sweetie!
    *hugs and kisses*

  7. I wana go to Korea! I live their make up brands, ESP Etude House. Hopefully one day I get the opportunity to visit the far East. Great post.


  8. oh my what a wonderful blog post! *_* I really want to go to South Korea now! and oh my god all that delicious food... aahh *_*

  9. Rikku! How lovely to see you comment on my blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! ^ ^ It means a lot =)

    Going to Korea was really one of the best 2 weeks of my life!! You should definitely go if you have the chance, it really is just indescribably out of this world with amazingness! *_*