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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Hello Helloo~!

So for me, my first University year is drawing to a close... There is so much going on recently as im wanting to make the most of my time here in the city of Oxford before i head back to my tiny little town.

First things first, as i mentioned in my last post, i had my end of year prom! It was such a beautiful night, the Uni was decorated so much it was hardly recognisable, I danced until my feet hurt, and basically just had a wonderful time with my awesome friends!

Here is how i looked (Make up wise!)

And here is a close up of my eye make up, which i will do a tutorial on soon!

I wanted to go a bit more dramatic so my dark eyes would stand out against my white dress!
Unfortunately, i dont have a good photo of me in my dress, but it was a one shoulder dress with 3D flower detail on the shoulder, and ruched on the body. I love dresses!


I recently purchased a pair of circle lenses from Candylens and i've got to say im so impressed with them!! Not only do they look beautiful when wearing them, they make such a difference to how my eyes look and they are so
These are the Geo Super Nudy Blue.

Heres how they look:

And they even give you a cute little case! So adorable!~

Heres how they look when wearing them ^_^

What i like about these lenses as well is that it doesnt show your natural eye colour at all, sometimes with lenses, especially a pair i've worn before, is that the hole in the middle is very big and it shows some of your natural eye colour through, these however are very good in that respect!
I love how BIG they make my eyes look! Wahh~ Im in love with these lenses!!


Last weekend, i spent at a friends house in London. We planned to go to the Anime Expo that was on that weekend, as i'd never been to one before, i was so up for going and seeing what an Anime Expo is all about! ^_^ All i knew was that people cosplay and dress up as their favourite Anime charactes, but thats all i knew! I really didnt know what to expect! So as well as having an amazingly fun and girly sleepover for the weekend, on Saturday 28th, we caught the tube to Custom House and spend most of the day at the 'ExCel London' where the Expo was held.

I gotta say, this place was HUGE!! And it was mesmerising seeing sooo many people there for starters, there were thousands!! But i was overwhelmed by how many people were actually cosplaying! O.o It was such a shock to know that so many people in England are part of the 'Anime subculture'! Its so great! And im so glad so many people know about it and love it so much! =)

I took a few pictures of some of the cute stalls selling amazingly cute things!! So much Japanese merchandise! And it was great to see a lot of stalls selling cute handmade products such as plushies and jewellery etc.

Look how cute all these little Japanese plushies look! *^ ^*

Soo much Hello Kitty!! I couldnt help but scream a little when i saw this stall! XD

Cute handmade jewellery! ^_^

I also couldn't resist taking photos with some cosplayers! These girls looked soooo adorable! And their costumes were so beautiful! *_* (I've blanked out their faces for privacy reasons...)

This girl was gressed up at Chii From Chobits!

So if you are curious about an anime convention, you should definitely go and visit one if you have the chance! Although im not the biggest fan of Anime, it was such a great way to spend a day out, and such an amazing experience!

I couldnt go and not buy some souvenirs, so here is what i bought!

Shinee and SuJu poster, YEY!!

I was pretty happy with my purchases! It was a great place to buy things that you cant buy in the UK!


I dont know how many of you who live in the UK watch 'Britains Got Talent', I do =P its an amazing reality TV show, infact its the only thing i watch on TV! But my boyfriend treated me to go and see 'Out Of The Blue' at the Theatre! I gotta say, this group are amazing!! Their show bought me to tears about 3 times with their beautiful singing!! T-T They are such a talented group of Oxford students, im so happy i went to see them! I think they are in the Semi Final at the moment!! I really wish them the best! *Cheers for them!*


One more thing, i have added my favourite clothes shopping sites on the right side of my blog for those who are looking for some awesome online stores to shop from, i definitely recommend those! ^_^ -->

I'll be travelling home this weekend, so i will try to update when im back, i've moved house since i was last home at Christmas, and i havent seen it yet so i'll be excited to see it!

I hope everyone is well! And i hope you've enjoyed reading my updates!
Love you guys so much~!


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  1. Toronto, Canada just had an Anime North Convention, just like the one in London, too bad I didn't get to go =(
    college work

    I am glad that you had a wonderful time, Chi is my favourite anime girl character, I bought a cute little keychain of her while I was in Montreal, Quebec-Canada

    awww those things u bought are so cute

    aww that's sweet of your boyfriend
    Those contacts look very lovely on you!!!
    You have such a kawaii uzzang style makeup =)
    I wish I knew how to makeup like that hehe
    Thanks for posting those clothing sites, will be sure to check them out.
    I just went shopping for some accessories-jewelery and found many cute bow ones, I'll post the pictures when I have time

    I love those new pink blog background of yours! so kawaii!

    I hope you enjoy your lovely summer off!!
    PS: I sent you an email response for the email you had sent me a week or so ago =)
    Email me when u have time (~-~)

    Lots of Love & Hugs