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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Yumetenbo Purchases!

Hello All! *^ ^* 

I made a purchase on Yumetenbo about a month or so ago, Its a Japanese Clothing website with Gyaru, and Japanese fashion style clothing! Its so cute!!
It took a little wile for my items to come! A wonderful friend of mine was kind enough to ship them to me to save on expenses rather than using the expensive shipping method provided (If you live outside of Japan and wish to purchase from this site, please bear in mind the shipping will be terribly expensive!!)

Any who! 
This is what i bought to add to my Spring collection! ^_^

The huge box it was delivered in!! > <  

 A lovely cream jumper!

Couldn't resist the cute bow top ^_~ 

 Lace culottes! I love these and they go with anything!!

 Lovely blue shirt with lace and bow detail!

3 pairs of pastel jeans! 

Loving these shoes!! *_* 

I'm so happy with everything! It was totally worth the wait!

Much Love!

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  1. What a gorgeous haul! I love everything! I'd probably put the jumper with the culottes for a bit of a Liz Lisa look :3 I'm sure they'll look lovely on you. xxx