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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Claire Beauty Wig! + Review

Hello Everyone!

I'm glad it hasn't been too long since my last update! I think i rather enjoy updating my blog a lot! Its easier and takes less time than making a YouTube video.. But i will still try my best to make videos too! ^ ^

This post is basically about a new wig i bought from the brand 'Claire Beauty'. I've seen so many people wearing wigs recently so it made me want to try one for myself! And because im going to Japan in September, i thought it would be a good way to still look nice even with the humid weather there...
Wigs have really become quite popular in the last few years all over the world, mostly Japan!

When i went to S.Korea, i either had to wear my hair up, or down and fluffy.. I didnt like either as i like to wear my hair down so i decided that this wig could save me from this situation!

This is the wig i bought:

But i bought it from this Ebay store as they are half price for the exact same wigs!!

On Yesstyle this wig is
US$: $72
GB£: £46
But on Ebay it is:
US$: $38
GB£: £25


Here is me wearing the wig in natural lighting:
I cut the fringe because it was way too long and i like a full fringe ^ ^

I love how natural it looks! And the colour is so close to my own hair! From the pictures on Yesstyle, I expected it to be a bit yellower.. But luckily its more natural coloured!

With Flash:

Even with the flash you can see its not too bad looking at all! Even my real hair has a bit of that sort of shine when i have a photo taken with flash, so its not bad at all!

The Back:

Comparing my natural hair (With extensions, because i dont usually go without) with me wearing the wig:

So there isn't really that much difference in the colour, except the 'Before' photos was taken with my room lighting and the 'After' photo was taken with natural lighting, but its pretty much the same as my natural hair colour!
The only thing is i cant make the wig more volumised, i have no idea how! Haha~ I really like how it looks though!
I honestly think that this photo i chose my natural hair looks better.. XD but in Japan that wont be the case! So i think this wig will really help!

+ Great quality hair
+ You can Heat style this wig (or any from Claire Beauty)
+ Got it for a cheaper price from Ebay
+ It looks really natural
+ It looks good from the top, and it has re-sizable clips on the inside for comfortable wear

+ Can get a little bit tangled after a while of wearing it
+ The flash makes it look a little bit 'shiny' but its not too bad
+ Takes time to put on the wig and get it looking perfect!

Well i hope you enjoyed this post! I hope it was useful for you especially for those who are thinking of buying a wig! I was a bit weary and shy about it at first! But they are actually pretty fashionable!

Much Love to you all!


  1. Cuuuuute! I think I'm gonna buy a wig as well, a pink or a brown I guess :)

  2. @Michiko: Aww lovely to see a comment from you! Thank you so much Michiko-chan ^ ^! You are so lovely, i appreciate it!

    @Sandra: They are really quite good quality if you know where to go! Claire Beauty have some really nice brown ones! Its worth a look on the ebay store where i got mine from ^ ^ So many styles to choose from!

  3. I hope you don't mind me saying this but you are so beautiful,